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About our idea
who we are?

Making straw stars is our passion. We know that a lot of people would like to make straw stars to decorate their Christmas tree or give them to people they love as a present. But hand-held stars are rather difficult to make. Why not use our placement rings and straw splitters? Even beginners and children can achieve wonderful results. At first you master the simple star shapes and then you work up to the more complicated ones.Our motto: From child´s play to quite intricate!

Our instruction books are partly available in English.

Our Flyer
all about the idea

Our company flyer gives you a survey of our complete range of products as well as  the  variety of stars.

Contact Us
how to reach us?

T +49 (0) 62 71 / 52 65 
F +49 (0) 62 71 / 72 161


Komplett-Set 1 (12er Sterne)
Komplett-Set 2 (12er und 24er Sterne)
Komplett-Set 3 (8er Sterne)
Komplett-Set 4 (Chenillsterne)
Komplett-Set 5 (6er Sterne)
Ergänzungs-Set 6 für 16er Sterne
Schnupper-Set 1: Kurzanleitung, 1 x Legeform, ...
Schnupper-Set 2: Kurzanleitung, 8er Legeform, ...

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Schnupper-Set 3: Kurzanleitung, 8er Legeform, S...