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Short Instruction

There´s no lenghty preparation like soaking or ironing the straws flat!
You just push the straw through the straw splitter and will get equal strands of straw, which are cut to working length and placed in the placement ring. Three different splitters are available: 6-strand, 4-strand and 3-strand/2-strand.
Normally you start with short pieces (7,3 cm), as this facilitates tying.


Placement technique
For the simple stars you will find a punch-out pattern on the back cover of book 1, which will assist the beginner in learning how to place the straws in the ring. In our new 6-point ring, the 8-point rings and 16-point rings the lines for simple stars are indicated. The more straws you put in, the more difficult stars you will get (double stars, triple stars). But you normally start with simple stars to become familiar with the techniques.

In the future our 12-point rings will have lines "over 3" engraved. Our new book 1 in German (2015) with more photos will have no punch-out patters any more. The English version  of book 1 with these patterns is still available.


Fastening/fixing the straws
Press the clamp ring into the placement ring. This will hold the straws securely for tying.


You don't need to make single knots! Following the pictures in the instruction book 1, 5 or 7 you will learn the simple but effective tying technique quickly. Then you can remove the clamp ring and take out the star from the ring.

For difficult stars we recommend tying with an embroidery needle and a kind of sewing technique (see multimedia -> videos). The technique is also described in our new book 1 (12-point stars) and book 8 (16-point stars)..


Finally the star is trimmed. You can get different variations by cutting the stars. The illustrations in the instruction books will help you at first. But with some experience you will get wonderful works of art of your own. Enjoy the photos in our gallery and try to make same or similar stars on your own!