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Making straw stars by yourself! Simple straw stars, intermediate straw stars and intricate stars made easy by our placement rings and straw splitters.

We are a family business specializing in handicrafts, particularly in the art of making straw stars. We believe that it is very important for adults and children to be creative and do handicrafts and make things using one´s own hands, things you can be proud of.

So we have developed placement rings and straw splitters and published instruction books describing the use of these devices to make our particular "delicate straw stars like snow crystals".

Of course we deliver to other countries as well. Please use our shop as a catalogue only but order by e-mail as postage varies.If you order direct  we charge 9,00€ and send by registered mail (up to 1000g).

We have agents in Great Britain and the US. Please contact them first to save shipping costs:
Great Britain: Elaine Lindsay
United States: German Corner - Katharina Davitt